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Designed with an environmental consciousness, Procint delivers unparalleled quality across our range of premium Engineered Process Systems, cutting-edge Power Generation Solutions and expansive range of Process Control Products.

power generation

Introducing our collection of industrial generators, available in a range of sizes with engine power ratings up to 5MEG, customisable with a variety of fuel options and suitable for all industries with the inclusion of sound-proof enclosures, Type B certification and premium materials and construction. 

Our line of industrial generators sets us apart in the market, offering versatility and reliability for diverse power needs. Our generators are available in Natural Gas, LPG, Bio Gas, Diesel and Dual Fuel Hybrids and are meticulously designed to exceed Australian Standards and hold Type B Certification.

Our Generators can be customised to meet any power rating requirements, providing tailored solutions for our clients unique needs. With Procint, expect nothing less than excellence in every watt. 

ENgineered process systems

Precision for every process. Fully engineered packages designed to maximise your facilities unique operational requirements. Bespoke solutions engineered and packaged, ready for seamless installations and integrations into existing infrastructure, with after market support and modifications.

Our commitment to tailor-made engineering allows us to provide industry-specific solutions that seamlessly integrate into our clients’ facilities, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for their plant and assets. From optimising refining processes in the Oil & Gas sector to energy conservation and sustainable practices in Mining, adherence to stringent hygiene standards in Food & Beverage, and productivity enhancement in Manufacturing, Procint’s Engineered Process Systems serve as a cornerstone for operational success.





CHemical injection skids


Process Control Products

Accuracy is the key to reliable data. View our range of Process Instrumentation and Accessories sourced from the best in the industry, curated by instrumentation experts. We have first hand experience with process control, and our selection of products represent our tireless efforts to ensure the products we provide meet our quality requirements from initial installation through to long-term maintenance.


Our advanced flow measurement solutions include Coriolis, Electromagnetic, Differential Pressure, Ultrasonic and Vortex systems, designed to accurately measure flow rates in diverse applications such as water management, chemical processing and energy generation.


Procint in partnership with Viotel deliver innovative geophysical measurement solutions, including a range of Accelerometers, Crack Meters and IoT Nodes designed to monitor ground stability, structural movements, environmental conditions and more across several industrial and sectors.


Our selection of level measurement products precisely monitor liquid, solid and interface levels. Designed for industries like chemical processing and water treatment, our range provides seamless inventory management while monitoring the productivity and quality of your processes.


Explore options within our range of pressure measurement products, with customisable integrations aimed for applications for oil & gas refineries to manufacturing plans, guaranteeing optimal safety, compliance and productivity.


Procint’s completed range of temperature measurement solutions include Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers with outstanding configurable options to optimise the accuracy and control of temperature and convert to real-time data



Our wide range of weighing measurement technology includes Belt Weighers, Load Cells and Weigh Feeders, providing accurate weight measurement for materials and processes in the mining, manufacturing and logistics industries.

Oil & Gas

We offer advanced industrial process systems and instrumentation solutions, ensuring efficient operations, precise monitoring, and regulatory compliance. Take control of your energy with our Gas Powered Generators and Micro-Grid Power Systems.


Our bespoke engineered solutions optimise production processes, enhance efficiency, and promote operational excellence. Reduce energy costs with the aid of Power Generators and Hybrid Power Solutions.

Water & Waste Water

We provide cutting-edge instrumentation products and systems that enable accurate monitoring, control, and treatment of water resources and waste streams. Dial in water processes with bespoke SWAS and Water Treatment Skids, for next level analysis.


Our comprehensive range of products and solutions supports the development of robust and reliable infrastructure systems. Keep Australia illuminated with continuous power supply with low-carbon Gas Generators, and vital Micro-Grid Energy Reserves for peak power support.

Mining & Minerals

We deliver specialised instrumentation and control solutions, facilitating efficient extraction, processing, and monitoring of mineral resources. Make powering your plant more reliable with Hybrid Power Solution, Energy Storage Options and continuous energy from Micro-Grid Power Stations.


Our process instrumentation offers real-time data, critical in supporting the quality control of pharmaceutical processes, ensuring stringent adherence to standards and regulatory requirements.
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At Procint, our chosen suppliers epitomise excellence, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to quality, integrity and sustainability. We carefully select partners who share our values, ensuring that each product upholds the highest standards, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions across Australia’s industrial sectors.

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