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Company Overview & Capabilities Statement

Procint Pty Ltd is dedicated to revolutionising the design, manufacturing and distribution of Power Generation Solutions, Enginereed Process Systems and Process Control Products. An Australian owned company, we are deeply committed to setting new benchmarks of excellence while upholding our core values of innovation, authenticity and sustainability to our nations industrial sectors.

Driven by a passion for innovation, Procint continually pushed the boundaries of technology and Industry 4.0 advancements, anticipating the needs of tomorrow and redefining the industrial landscape of the Australia and the Asia Pacific. 

Procint offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products, sourced from global industry leaders and designed to meet the rigorous standards and harsh elements of Australia. From Power Generation solitions including Gas Generators, Hybrid Power Solutions and Micro-Grid Power Stations, to Engineered Process Systems such as RTU’s, Gas Seperator Skids, SWAS Systems and Instrumentation Monitoring Skids to our comprehensive range of Process Control Products offering a range of top-tier brands and measurement options.

Mission Statement

At Procint, our mission is to be pioneering force in the industrial landscape, driving excellence in the design, manufacturing and distrinution of Power Generation Solutions, Engineered Process Systmes and Process Control Products. Grounded in our commitment to quality and sustainability, we strive to elevate the standards of the Australian and Asia Pacific industrial markets.

We passionately embrace our role as thought-provokers, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology and Industry 4.0 advancements. Our core values like in providing high-quality products sourced from global industry leaders, ensuring that Procint stands as a beacon of innovation, authenticity and sustainability in the sectors we serve.We firmly believe in the power of innovation. 

QUALITY & Authenticity

Authenticity and quality is ingrained in our DNA, the perfect culmination exemplified from our designs, through to completed product and customer experience. It is echoed in our commitment to unwavering transparency, genuine partnerships and a dedication to delivering solutions that reflect the true essence of quality, integrity and customer-centric excellence.


At Procint innovation isn’t just a concept; it’s the beating heart of our enterprise, propelling us to redefine industry standards and pioneer transformative solutions that anticipate the needs of tomorrow. We are paving the way for the concepts of the future, while staying true to our core values.


We consider our environmental consciousness a profound responsibility that fuels our relentless pursuit for sustainable practices, future-proofing our energy requirements and wherever possible repurposing materials. Every decision or design is made with the intention to honour our dedication to a more viable and resilient plant.

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