Gas remote telemetry units

Gas remote telemetry units

Designed to revolutionise gas monitoring and control across Australia’s industrial sectors, our Gas RTU’s seamlessly integrates advanced sensor technology with robust communications systems to provide real-time data collection, transmission and remote management of gas processes. With Procint’s Gas RTU’s, operators can monitor gas levels, pressures and environmental conditions from a centralised control center, enabling proactive decision-making, rapid response to emergencies and optimisation of gas production and distribution processes.

Data collection

Our powerful PLC’s collate real-time data from the plants instrumentation and sensors, providing clear insights on production, quality and safety.

Data Transmision

Once collected, the data is transmitted from the RTU’s to our clients control center, and accessible through secure portals to Control System Providers and support teams.

Monitoring & Control

Our clients and our support team can remotely monitor equipment performance, environmental conditions and gas processes helping to identify trends, detect anomalies and make informed decisions about production, distribution and safety.

Alarm & Alert Notifications

Our RTU’s are designed to detect abnormal conditions or emergencies, such as gas leaks, pressure fluctuations or equipment failure. In such events, an alert will trigger allowing operators to take immediate corrective action mitigating risks and hazards.

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