Power Generation

Gas Generators

Clean burning, cost effective power.

Gas generators offer a multitude of advantages compared to their diesel counterparts. Their clean emissions profile significantly reduces their carbon contribution, making Gas Generators a superior choice for environmental sustainability. Natural Gas, LPG and BioGas are cost-effective fuel options with stable pricing, affording our customers long-term savings. The innovation in technology and quieter operation makes them suitable for noise-sensitive environments. Additionally, our Gas Generators entail lower maintenance requirements thanks to cleaner combustion processes, resulting in longevity of the machine and reduced maintenance costs.  

Consider the benefits of reliable power, environmentally conscious and cost-effective energy to lease or buy!

power storage Systems

Robust power, when you need it.

Our Power Storage Systems are equipped with advanced technologies, boasting high energy density, rapid charging capabilities and extended cycle life, ensuring dependable performance when you need it. Scalable designs and modular configurations allow our Power Storage Systems to cater for a range of industrial applications, from grid stabilisation, peak shaving and uninterruptible power supply systems to complete microgrid power integrations. Their intelligent management systems enable seamless connection with renewable energy sources and critical grid infrastructure, optimising energy efficiency and aleviating operational expenditure. Power Storage Systems are at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, especially when paired with low carbon solutions such as Gas Generators.

micro-grid power stations

Unlimited power, without environmental impact.

At a fraction of the cost of a Gas or Coal Fired Power Station, our Micro-Grid Power Stations are a reliable, affordable and greener alternative to long-term energy. By integrating a combination of sustainable energy supplies in the form of Gas Generators, Power Storage Systems and Solar, Procint provides the ultimate source of renewable and continuous power suitable for all applications. Our Micro-grid solutions harness the scalability and affordability of this agile technology to provide businesses with flexible and cost-effective means of energy distribution and management. Whether it’s supporting peak energy demand in an urban setting, supporting high energy demands in industrial sectors or power entire remote communities, Procint’s Micro-Grid Power Stations are the future of power stability and reliability in Australia’s critical energy market.

Talk to us about your energy needs.

Our range of Gas, Diesel and Hybrid Generator’s can be customised to consider your site specifications, or perhaps you require an alternative power source. We have connections with manufacturer’s globally, and can find a solution to your power problem.

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