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With a wealth of real-world experience in Australia’s diverse industrial landscape, Procint stands as a trusted authority in Process Control Products. Our expertise spans from meticulously selecting quality instrumentation to designing tailored process control solutions and providing comprehensive support in monitoring, maintaining, and calibrating process instrumentation across both light and heavy industrial sectors. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience, we offer a wide range of measurement solutions, including Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Geophysical and Weighing. Our sales engineers are subject-matter-experts, trained to understand the individual complexities of Australia’s industrial landscape, and ready to offer tailored solutions to your process control requirements.

Experience matters

This extensive experience allows us to select the most suitable instrumentation, design tailored solutions, and provide expert support in monitoring, maintaining, and calibrating process control systems. Our deep industry knowledge, combined with our commitment to excellence, ensures that Procint is always at the forefront of delivering reliable, high-quality Process Control products.

Australia wide delivery

Procint takes pride in its quick turnaround and express shipping services, available Australia-wide. With our streamlined processes and commitment to efficiency, Procint strives to provide a seamless experience for our customers, delivering orders promptly and reliably to meet their needs and deadlines.

technical support

Procint boasts a dedicated technical support and sales team comprised of passionate technicians extensively trained in all facets of process control. With in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, our team excels in guiding customers through product selections tailored to their individual requirements. Our services extends to after-market support, including installation assistance and ongoing maintenance support.

let's take the complexity out of instrumentation.

Not interested in browsing through hundreds of products? Our Sales Engineers will do the work for you. Let us know what you need to measure, and we will find exactly what you need, fit for purpose and available in your time-frames.

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