Gas Generators

Procint’s power generation portfolio is meticulously crafted to fulfil the exacting demands of heavy industrial clients.

Our Gas Generators offer unparalleled versatility, capable of utilising a variety of hydrocarbons including Natural Gas, LPG, and BIO-gas. This adaptability makes them the ultimate solution for numerous of applications. A key advantage is our generators’ remarkable environmental footprint, boasting an average reduction of 80% in carbon and NOX emissions compared to their diesel counterparts. Moreover, they operate with subdued noise levels, ensuring minimal disruption.

Featuring intelligent engine and alternator controllers, our generators seamlessly synchronise with local grids and, in select scenarios, provide staggered power, dynamically adjusting output levels as needed. This ensures optimal performance tailored to specific requirements.

Our engineering team has provided comprehensive Type B Certification and installation guides, Procint’s meticulous approach to safety and compliance guarantees adherence with all local and federal regulations. Our units are suitable for all heavy industrial sectors, from the rigours of the Oil & Gas operations, to the demanding environments of Mining and Minerals extractions, however, they also excel in non-standard contexts such as accommodation camps and remote power set-up, demonstrating a versatility unmatched in the industry.

Our units are competitively priced with options to LEASE or BUY, providing our customers with flexibility and affordability. For more information, contact our sales team at

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