Flow Measurement

Introducing our selection of Flow Measurement Products, featuring advanced technologies such as Coriolis, Differential Pressure, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, and Vortex flow meters. Coriolis meters excel in accurately measuring mass flow rates, making them ideal for applications involving fluids with varying density or viscosity, such as chemical processing and food production. Differential Pressure meters provide versatile and cost-effective solutions for measuring flow rates across a wide range of fluids and pipe sizes, suitable for industries like oil and gas, water management, and HVAC systems. Electromagnetic meters are renowned for their non-intrusive design and high accuracy, making them well-suited for applications involving conductive liquids like water, wastewater, and slurries in industries such as water treatment and pharmaceuticals. Ultrasonic meters offer non-invasive installation and minimal pressure drop, making them ideal for applications in water infrastructure monitoring, HVAC systems, and hygienic processes in food and beverage industries. Vortex meters utilize the vortex shedding principle to measure flow rate, providing accurate and reliable measurements for clean liquids, gases, and steam in industries like energy generation, petrochemicals, and HVAC systems. Procint’s Flow Measurement solutions cater to a wide range of industries, empowering businesses to optimise processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance with confidence.

Unsure of what you need? Our helpful Product Engineer’s are available to help you with product selection, configuration options and bespoke solutions for your project. With quick turn-around, outstanding customer service and competitive industry prices, Procint is your premium provider for Flow Measurement devices. Contact us at sales@procint.com.au

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