Geophysical Measurement

Procint offers a comprehensive Geophysical Measurement Product range, proudly affiliated with Viotel, featuring state-of-the-art Accelerometers, Crack meters, IoT Nodes, and Tiltmeters. Our Australian-made geophysical sensors are engineered to deliver precise measurements essential for infrastructure projects, road construction, and monitoring applications. With Viotel’s cutting-edge technology integrated into our products, we ensure unmatched accuracy and reliability in geophysical measurements. Whether it’s detecting structural movements, monitoring ground stability, or assessing infrastructure integrity, Procint’s geophysical measurement solutions provide invaluable insights to engineers, construction professionals, and infrastructure managers. Trust Procint and Viotel for superior quality, Australian-made geophysical sensors that exceed industry standards and deliver unparalleled performance in critical infrastructure projects.

Unsure of what you need? Our helpful Product Engineer’s are available to help you with product selection, configuration options and bespoke solutions for your project. With quick turn-around, outstanding customer service and competitive industry prices, Procint is your premium provider for Geophysical Measurement devices. Contact us at

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