Weighing Measurement

Procint offers a comprehensive Weighing Measurement Product range, comprising Belt Weighers, SIWAREX Integrators, Load Cells, and Weigh Feeders, tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries. Belt Weighers provide accurate and reliable measurement of material flow rates on conveyor belts, essential for industries such as mining, quarrying, and bulk material handling. SIWAREX Integrators offer advanced weighing solutions for process automation and control, ensuring precise measurement and integration with control systems in industries like manufacturing and food processing. Load Cells, available in various types such as compression, tension, and shear beam, provide precise weight measurement for tanks, silos, hoppers, and other vessels, crucial for industries like agriculture, chemicals, and logistics. Weigh Feeders accurately control material feed rates, optimising production processes in industries such as cement, pharmaceuticals, and plastics manufacturing. Procint’s Weighing Measurement solutions empower industries to enhance efficiency, improve product quality, and ensure regulatory compliance with confidence.

Unsure of what you need? Our helpful Product Engineer’s are available to help you with product selection, configuration options and bespoke solutions for your project. With quick turn-around, outstanding customer service and competitive industry prices, Procint is your premium provider for Weighing Measurement devices. Contact sales@procint.com.au

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