130kVA NG/LPG Dual Fuel Trailer Mounted Generator


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Unleash power on-the-go with our 130kVA Dual Fuel Gas Generator. Supported by the convenience of a fully trailer mounted enclosure, and interchangeable fuel options between Natural Gas and LPG, our customers will benefit from uninterrupted uptime like never before.


Product Overview:

Discover unparalleled power flexibility with Procint’s cutting-edge solution! Introducing the MESA 8Lt trailer-mounted generator: your ultimate answer to mobile power needs. Equipped with a dual fuel gas train, effortlessly switch between LPG (vapour) or Natural Gas for seamless operation. With automatic fuel switching, enjoy uninterrupted uptime like never before. Powered by a robust PSI 8Lt engine and featuring a Stamford alternator, reliability is guaranteed even in the most remote locations or demanding well site power requirements. Unlock efficiency and performance with Procint’s MESA 8Lt generator.

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Product Specifications:

Engine PSI or Doosan 8lt
Alternator Stamford
Prime Power* 131kVA / 105kW
Voltage 415v/50Hz
Phases 3 Phase
Power Factor 0.8
Dimensions/Weight Trailer Mount Enclosure:

6920x2210x2870 (mm)

4518 kg

Generator Controller Deep Sea
Fuel Type Natural Gas & LPG


  • Type B Approval
  • Factoring Testing and Inspection prior to site delivery

Technical Data Sheet – 130kVA Dual Fuel Gas Generator

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130kVA NG/LPG Dual Fuel Trailer Mounted Generator

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