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Siemens Milltronics MCS, a compact, rugged, modular, heavy-duty belt scale engineered for use in mobile crushers and aggregate screening plants.


Continuous Inline Weighing: Milltronics MCS delivers continuous, in-line weighing with minimal cost, providing accurate measurements without interruptions. Stainless Steel Load Cells: Built with stainless steel load cells, the MCS ensures long-term, consistent, and reliable measurement performance, even in demanding environments. Modular Construction: The modular design and easy assembly of the MCS facilitate quick delivery, meeting even the tightest project schedules with ease.

Compatible Integrators:

Milltronics BW500, SIWAREX WT241, WP241, or FTC Microprocessor-Based Integrators: Operating seamlessly with these integrators, the MCS offers indication of flow rate, total weight, belt load, and belt speed of bulk solids materials on a conveyor belt.

Additional Components: Speed Sensor:

To complete the weighing system, include a speed sensor to monitor conveyor belt speed for input to the integrator. TASS Speed Sensor: Specifically designed for mobile crushing equipment, the TASS speed sensor is compact and rugged, ensuring reliable performance in conjunction with the MCS.

Milltronics MCS sets the standard for precise, efficient, and dependable belt weighing systems in mobile crushing and screening applications.

  • Rugged design
  • Low profile
  • Easy retrofit
  • Low cost
  • Stainless steel load cells

Product Data Sheet – Siemens Milltronics MCS Belt Weigher

Operation Manual – Siemens Milltronics MCS Belt Weigher


Application Belt Weigher

(Measuring Range)

Strain gauge load cells measuring load on belt conveyor idlers


Belt Design


Belt Width:

Up to 1 600 mm (60 inch CEMA) width

Belt Speed:

Up to 4 m/s (800 fpm)

Capacity Up to 2 400 t/h (2 640 STPH) at maximum belt speed
Conveyor Incline ± 20° from horizontal, fixed incline

Up to ± 30° with reduced accuracy

Measuring Accuracy ± 0.5 … 1 % of totalisation over 25 … 100 % operating range, application dependent


± 2 % of totalisation over 25 … 100 % operating range on mobile crusher applications


Operating conditions -50 … +75 °C (-58 … +167 °F) operating range

-40 … +65 °C (-40 … +150 °F) compensated

Degree of Protection IP67, IP65 on hazardous approved models
Weight Up to 20 kg (44 lb), 10 kg (22 lb) per side
Electrical Connections Dependent of configuration
Explosion Protection IECEx
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SIEMENS Milltronics MCS Belt Weigher

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