SIEMENS SITRANS FC520/FC540 Coriolis Flow System


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Siemens SITRANS FC500 series, versatile Coriolis multi-parameter flowmeters designed for both routine and hygienic applications. Each system consists of one FCS500 sensor paired with one FCT transmitter:

  • SITRANS FC520 pairs the FCS500 sensor with the FCT020 transmitter.
  • SITRANS FC540 combines the FCS500 sensor with the FCT040 transmitter.

Experience precise and reliable flow measurement with the SITRANS FC500 series, tailored to meet a wide range of application needs.


  • Dual curved AISI 316L stainless steel measuring tubes
  • Process connection: flange, thread, or a selection of hygienic fittings
  • Nominal sizes: DN 10 to DN 80
  • Connection sizes: DN 8 to DN 125 (⅜” to 5″)
  • Nominal flow rates: 1 600 to 170 000 kg/h (3 527 to 374 786 lb/h)
  • FCS500 sensors can be combined with compact or remote transmitters
  • Versatility with superior turndown and low pressure loss
  • Hygienic specification for food and beverage, biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications

Product Data Sheet – Siemens SITRANS FC520/FC540 Coriolis Flow System

Operation Manual – Siemens SITRANS FC520/FC540 Coriolis Flow System




Coriolis Flow Sensor

Liquids, Gas, Gas/Liquids


(Measuring Range)

Primary Variables:

▪ Mass flow

▪ Density

▪ Temperature

Derived Variables:

▪ Volume flow

▪ Partial component concentration of a two-component mixture

▪ Partial component flow rate of a mixture consisting of two components (net flow)

1 600 to 170 000 kg/h (3 527 to 374 786 lb/h)

Output 4 … 20 mA
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.10 % (Dependent of Configuration)
Operating conditions -70 – 200 °C

(-94 – 392 °F)

Degree of Protection IP66 or IP67 with suitable cable glands
Weight Dependent of Configuration
Electrical Connections Dependent of Configuration
Explosion Protection IECEx (Dependent of configuration)
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SIEMENS SITRANS FC520/FC540 Coriolis Flow System

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