SIEMENS SITRANS FCS700 Coriolis Flow Sensor


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Siemens SITRANS FCS700 sensor, the premier Coriolis flow sensor tailored for large pipes and high flows. Key features include Dual curved AISI 316L stainless steel or alloy 22 tubes, ensuring optimal decoupling from external factors for precise measurements in demanding environments.


Available in nominal sizes ranging from DN 100 to DN 200, providing compatibility with large pipe systems.

Process connection via flanges, offering secure and reliable attachment to pipelines. Energy-efficient design with low pressure loss, featuring short tube paths and large tube diameter to enhance overall efficiency. Equipped with a high-power tube driver for dependable measurements, even in high damping applications. Compatible with both compact or remote transmitters, allowing for versatile system integration options to meet specific requirements.

  • Dual curved AISI 316L stainless steel or alloy 22 tubes with optimum decoupling from external influences
  • Nominal sizes: DN 100 to DN 200
  • Process connection: flanges
  • Energy efficient low pressure loss design with short tube paths and large tube diameter
  • High power tube driver for dependable measurements in high damping applications
  • Combination with compact or remote transmitters

Product Data Sheet – Siemens FCS700 Coriolis Flow Sensor

Operation Manual – Siemens FCS700 Coriolis Flow Sensor




Coriolis Flow Sensor

Liquids, Gas, Gas/Liquids


(Measuring Range)

Primary Variables:

▪ Mass flow

▪ Density

▪ Temperature

Derived Variables:

▪ Volume flow

▪ Partial component concentration of a two-component mixture

▪ Partial component flow rate of a mixture consisting of two components (net flow)

Output 4 … 20 mA (When supplied with Transmitter)
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.10 % (Dependent of Configuration)
Operating conditions -70 – 200 °C

(-94 – 392 °F)

Degree of Protection IP67
Weight Dependent of Configuration
Electrical Connections Dependent of Configuration
Explosion Protection IECEx (Dependent of configuration)
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SIEMENS SITRANS FCS700 Coriolis Flow Sensor

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