SIEMENS SITRANS FP330/FPS300 Averaging Pitot Tube Flow Sensor


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Siemens SITRANS FP330/FPS300 averaging pitot tube is a robust and reliable solution for versatile flow measurement applications. Thanks to its simple measurement principle and robust technology, averaging pitot tubes excel even in challenging conditions, offering significant advantages over other measuring technologies, from easy installation to long-term measurement stability.

One of the key features of SITRANS FP330/FPS300 is its ability to perform bidirectional flow measurement, providing enhanced flexibility. Additionally, it offers integration options for temperature and pressure measurement, further expanding its utility.


Ideal for various industries and applications, including technical gases, compressed air, exhaust air, fresh and combustion air, heat transfer fluids, water, exhaust gas, and steam/heat quantities, SITRANS FP330/FPS300 ensures accurate and reliable flow measurement in diverse operating environments.

Experience the reliability and versatility of SITRANS FP330/FPS300 averaging pitot tube for your flow measurement needs.

  • Easy to retrofit (no rebuilding of the pipe)
  • Easy to install
  • Good for large nominal diameters
  • Wide range of application (media, nominal diameters, process conditions)
  • Minor measurement inaccuracy
  • Special designs possible for special applications
  • Also work in rectangular ducts and pipes

Product Data Sheet – Siemens SITRANS FP330/FPS300 Averaging Pitot Tube Flow Sensor

Operation Manual – Siemens SITRANS FP330/FPS300 Averaging Pitot Tube Flow Sensor




Multi-port averaging pitot tube for round and rectangular pipe

·      Steam (saturated, superheated)

·      Gas (dry, up to 100% water saturated)

(automatic purging unit for high dust applications on request)

·      Liquids (water, non-conductive liquids, oil, etc.)


(Measuring Range)

Typically between up to 1:5 … 1:10

(real measurement range depends on transmitter performance and non-linearity of coefficient of discharge)

Output 4 … 20 mA (When paired with pressure transmitter)
Measuring Accuracy Re > 20 000: 1%
Operating conditions Flange: Max. PN 100

Cutting Ring: Max. PN 40 (max. 180 °C)

FASTLOK: Max. PN 16 (max. 180 °C)

(higher pressure ratings on request)

Stainless Steel sensor: -100 … 500 °C

16Mo3: -20 … 530 °C

Alloy: -20 … 700 °C

(exact maximum temperature depends on sensor design, feasibility will be calculated by sizing tool)

Degree of Protection Dependent of Configuration
Weight Dependent of Configuration
Electrical Connections Dependent of Configuration
Explosion Protection IECEx (Dependent of configuration)
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SIEMENS SITRANS FP330/FPS300 Averaging Pitot Tube Flow Sensor

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