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Siemens SITRANS FX Vortex flowmeters are meticulously crafted for industrial applications, perfectly meeting the rigorous demands of auxiliary supply systems. These flowmeters utilise a proven principle that enables accurate measurement of liquids, gases, and vapours, unaffected by conductivity, viscosity, temperature, and pressure. Traditionally, a vortex flowmeter is installed alongside separate pressure and temperature sensors, along with a flow calculator. However, this classic setup requires meticulous consideration of all errors occurring in the measuring chain, leading to potential measuring errors ranging from ± 3 to 5%.


By opting for a vortex flowmeter with integrated pressure and temperature compensation, such as the SITRANS FX330, not only can installation costs be reduced, but the measuring accuracy of the system can also be significantly improved. In this setup, the accuracy reaches ± 1.5% of the measured value, ensuring precise and reliable measurements.

  • Integrated pressure and temperature compensation
  • Temperature compensation for saturated steam included as standard
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Maintenance-free sensor
  • Non-wearing, fully welded stainless steel construction with high resistance to corrosion, pressure and temperature
  • SIL2 certified according to IEC 61508 Edition 2
  • Use in hazardous areas
  • Integrated reduction of nominal diameter for space-saving and economic installation and large measuring ranges
  • Redundant data management: Easy exchange of electronics without loss of calibration and configuration data
  • FAD (Free Air Delivery) functionality
  • Gross and net heat calculation to support advanced energy management
  • Remote version with cable length up to 50 m (164 ft)

Product Data Sheet – Siemens SITRANS FX330 Flow Transmitter

Operation Manual – Siemens SITRANS FX330 Flow Transmitter




Vortex Flow Transmitter

Flow measurement of liquids, gases and vapours


(Measuring Range)

0.25 … 5 m (0.8 … 16.4 ft)
Output 4 … 20 mA
Measuring Accuracy Dependent of Configuration
Operating conditions -40 … +240 °C (-40 … +465 °F)

Max. 100 bar (1450 psi), higher pressure rates on request

Degree of Protection Compact and remote version: IP66/IP67

Remote version: IP66/IP68 for sensor

Weight Dependent of Configuration
Electrical Connections Dependent of Configuration
Explosion Protection IECEx (Dependent of configuration)
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SIEMENS SITRANS FX330 Vortex Flow Transmitter

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