SIEMENS SITRANS LVL100 Vibrating Point Level Switch

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Siemens SITRANS LVL100: A compact level switch engineered for versatile industrial applications across all sectors of process technology, adept at material detection in both liquids and slurries. With a slender insertion length of just 40 mm (1.57 inches), the LVL100 is suitable for installation in small pipes and confined spaces, offering unparalleled adaptability.


Resilient against the chemical and physical properties of liquids, the LVL100 thrives in challenging conditions such as turbulence, air bubbles, foam generation, buildup, or external vibrations. Its piezoelectrically energized tuning fork vibrates at a mechanical resonance frequency of approximately 1,200 Hz, detecting changes in vibration frequency when covered by the medium. This alteration is swiftly captured by the integrated oscillator, converting it into a reliable switching command. The integrated electronics further refine the level signal, delivering a precise switching signal to connected devices.

  • Proven vibrating level switch technology for liquids
  • Compact insertion length of 40 mm (1.57 inch) for confined space applications
  • Available starting at 1/2″ threaded process connections
  • Fault monitoring for corrosion, loss of vibration, or line break to the piezo drive
  • Integrated test function to confirm correct operation

Product Data Sheet – SITRANS LVL100 IO Link

Product Data Sheet – SITRANS LVL100 Transistor




Vibrating Point Level Switch

(Measuring Range)

High and low and demand


Contactless electronic switch

Transistor output PNP

Measuring Accuracy Approx. 2 mm (0.08 inch) with vertical installation
Operating conditions -40 … +100 °C (-40 … +212 °F

-1 … 64 bar g (-14.5 … 928 psi g)

Degree of Protection IP65/Type 4/NEMA 4 (with DIN 43650 valve plug), IP66/67 or IP68 (with M12 connector)
Weight 250g
Electrical Connections M12 Connector
Explosion Protection NA
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