SIEMENS SITRANS LVL200 Vibrating Point Level Switch

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Siemens SITRANS LVL200: A versatile level switch tailored for industrial applications across all facets of process technology, compatible with both liquids and slurries. Featuring a compact tuning fork insertion length of just 40 mm (1.57 inches), the LVL200 is adept at installation in small pipes and confined spaces, ensuring seamless integration.


Capable of measuring products with a minimum density exceeding 0.5 g/cm³ (0.018 lb/in³), the LVL200 excels in challenging conditions, including turbulence, air bubbles, foam generation, build-up, or external vibration. Additionally, the LVL200 offers continuous fault monitoring through frequency evaluation, enabling early detection of potential issues such as strong corrosion or damage on the tuning fork, loss of vibration, or line breakage in the piezo drive.

  • Proven vibrating level switch technology for liquids
  • Compact insertion length of 40 mm (1.57 inch) for confined space applications
  • Fault monitoring for corrosion, loss of vibration or line break to the piezo drive
  • Functional Safety (SIL 2). Device suitable for use in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511
  • Hygienic process connections
  • Suitable for API 2350
  • Optional remote test signal conditioner

Product Data Sheet – Siemens SITRANS LVL200 Transistor (NPN/PNP)

Product Data Sheet – Siemens SITRANS LVL200S, LVL200E Two-wire (8/16mA)




Vibrating Point Level Switch

(Measuring Range)

High and low and demand
  • Relay output (DPDT), 2 floating
  • Contactless electronic switch
  • 2-wire Namur signal output
  • Transistor (NPN/PNP) 10 … 55 V DC
  • 8/16 mA
Measuring Accuracy 0.1 mm (0.004 inch)
Operating conditions -50 … +150 °C (-58 … +302 °F)

-1 … 64 bar g (-14.5 … 928 psi g)

Degree of Protection Type 4X/NEMA 4X/IP66/IP67
Weight Approx. 0.8 … 4 kg
(0.18 … 8.82 lb)
Electrical Connections 1 x M20 x 1.5 (cable: ø 5 … 9 mm), 1 x blind stopper M20 x 1.5
Explosion Protection IECEx d IIC T6 … T2 Ga/Gb EHEDG
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