SIEMENS SITRANS LVS100 Vibrating Point Level Switch


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Siemens SITRANS LVS100: Your solution for precise detection of high, low, or demand levels of dry bulk solids in bins, silos, or hoppers. With its compact design, the SITRANS LVS100 offers versatile mounting options including top, side, or angle mounting. Its vibrating fork design guarantees clean tines, while the unique fork and crystal assembly prevent false high-level readings, even in the event of tine damage.


  • High resistance to mechanical forces
  • Sliding sleeve options for adjustable insertion length and ease of cleaning
  • Rotatable enclosure for ease of installation and wiring
  • Suitable for point level detection of materials starting at a bulk density of 30 g/l (1.9 lb/ft3)
  • Customer desired extensions up to 4 000 mm (157.48 inch)

Product Data Sheet – Siemen SITRANS LVS100/200 Point Level Switches


Application Vibrating Point Level Switch

(Measuring Range)

High and low and demand
Output DPDT relay
Measuring Accuracy High or low, switch selectable
Operating conditions ‑40 … +150 °C (-40 … +302 °F)

Max. 10 bar g (145 psi g)

Degree of Protection IP66/Type 4/NEMA 4
Weight approx. 1.7 kg (3.7 lb)
Electrical Connections 2 x M20 x 1.5 or 2 x ½” NPT
Explosion Protection IECEx d IIC T6 … T2 Ga/Gb EHEDG
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SIEMENS SITRANS LVS100 Vibrating Point Level Switch

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