SIEMENS SITRANS TF420 (HART, Universal) Transmitter


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Siemens SITRANS TF420, equipped with two sensor inputs, is the go-to solution for uninterrupted temperature measurement in demanding environments where a user-friendly local display is essential.


Trusted by users across all industries, this field device excels in adverse conditions. Its rugged enclosure ensures optimal protection for the electronics, while the stainless steel model exhibits remarkable resistance to corrosive substances like sea water. Inside, it delivers high measuring accuracy, supports universal input, and offers a wide range of diagnostic options.

  • Universally applicable as a temperature transmitter with galvanic isolation for:
    • Resistance thermometer (2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire connection)
    • Thermocouples
    • Linear resistances, potentiometer and DC voltage sources
  • Local operation of the temperature transmitter via display (single chamber enclosure) or control keys accessible from outside (dual chamber enclosure)
  • Rugged single or dual chamber enclosure made of die-cast aluminium or stainless steel 316/316L
  • Electronic compartment isolated (watertight) from terminal compartment in dual chamber enclosure
  • Degree of protection IP66/68 (1.5 m/2 h)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61326 and NE21
  • Test terminals for direct read-out of the output signal without breaking the current loop
  • Remote installation option:
    • Measuring point is difficult to access
    • Measuring point is subjected to high temperatures
    • Measuring point is subjected to vibration through plant
    • Long neck pipes and thermowells must be avoided
  • Temperature transmitters of the “intrinsically safe protection type, increased safety for zone 2, flameproof and dust-protected” type of protection can be installed in hazardous areas. The transmitter meets the requirements of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX), the FM and CSA regulations as well as other national approvals, e.g. EACEx, NEPSI, KCs, Inmetro.
  • SIL2/3 (with order note C20) according to IEC 61508 and Electrical Equipment For Furnaces And Ancillary Equipment (EN 50156-2)

Product Data Sheet – Siemens SITRANS TF420 (HART, Universal) Transmitter

Operation Manual – Siemens SITRANS TF420 (HART, Universal) Transmitter


Application Temperature Transmitter

(Measuring Range)

Resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistance-type sensors, DC sources
Output 4…20mA (SITRANS TF320), HART 7 (SITRANS TF320/420)
Measuring Accuracy Dependent on configuration
Operating conditions -40 … +85 °C (-40 … +185 °F)
Degree of Protection IP67
Weight Approx. 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) without options
Electrical Connections Wired direct
Explosion Protection IECEx
General Approvals SIL2/3
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SIEMENS SITRANS TF420 (HART, Universal) Transmitter

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