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Siemens SITRANS TS300 is tailored for hygienic applications, offering unique benefits with its clamp-on technology, especially ideal for small pipe diameters. With no welding needed, there’s no disruption to the process, and piggability is maintained. Additionally, it’s easy to disassemble for recalibration, all while maintaining measurement accuracy comparable to built-in sensors.


Designed as a resistance thermometer for food, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, its modular design allows for installation in both pipes and vessels, with the clamp-on design facilitating mounting mainly on pipes for sterilisation processes.

  • Hygienic – Sensor design according to EHEDG recommendations
  • Available – Inserts exchangeable
  • Low costs, many advantages – Low cost of ownership for installation, validation and recalibration; no process disturbance
  • Options for clamp on or direct insertion

Product Data Sheet – Siemens SITRANS TS300 Temperature Sensors

Operation Manual – Siemens SITRANS TS300 Temperature Sensors


Application Temperature Sensor

(Measuring Range)


In Pipe Applications:

–30…+300 °C

Clamp On Applications
–20…+160 °C



direct sensor signal

4…20 mA (TH100/TH200)

HART (TH300)

PA (TH400)

FF (TH400)

Measuring Accuracy Dependent of configuration
Operating conditions Dependent of configuration
Degree of Protection IP65
Weight Approx. 1kg
Electrical Connections Directly connected cable, mineral-insulated design
Explosion Protection NA
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SIEMENS SITRANS TS300 Temperature Sensors

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