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Siemens SITRANS TS500 temperature sensors cater to a broad spectrum of measurement needs, spanning from straightforward to intricate applications, including harsh environments.


With a modular design comprising a protective tube made of tubular or solid material, an extension, a connection head, and optional transmitter or display, the system allows for the utilisation of standardised components. Moreover, intrinsically safe or flameproof designs are also on offer, ensuring versatility and adaptability across various settings.

  • Exchangeable during operation
  • Wide application range due to modular design
  • Explosion protection by the ignition protection types, intrinsically safe Ex i (IS), increased safety Ex e (NI) or flameproof enclosure Ex d (XP) resp dust protection by means of enclosure Ex t (DIP)
  • Certificates for major markets
  • With optional local indicator and operation

Product Data Sheet – Siemens SITRANS TS500 Temperature Sensors

Operation Manual – Siemens SITRANS TS500 Temperature Sensors




Thermocouple Temperature Sensor



(Measuring Range)


Pt 100 Basic: –50 … +400 °C (-58 … +752 °F)
Pt 100 Extended: –196 … +600 °C (-321 … +1 112 °F)
Thermocouple: -40 .. .+1250 °C (-40 … +2282 °F) (Depending on type of TC and thermowell)


Direct sensor signals
4…20 mA (TH100/TH320)
HART (TH320)
PA (TH420)
FF (TH420)
Measuring Accuracy Dependent of configuration
Operating conditions Dependent of configuration
Degree of Protection IP54-68 depending on the type of connection head and cable gland
Weight Dependent of configuration
Electrical Connections Dependent of configuration
Explosion Protection IECEx
General Approvals General Purpose (FM, CSA)

For use in marine applications  DNV

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SIEMENS SITRANS TS500 Temperature Sensors

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