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Viotel’s Wireless Accelerometer is renowned for its ultra-low noice triaxial MEMS sensor, making it an ideal choice for capturing high-resolution structure modes in buildings and conducting precise high-frequency ground and structural motion monitoring. Australian made and shipped with pre-programmed and seamlessly integrated, deploying the Viotel Wireless Accelerometer is effortless.


This self-contained accelerometer node boasts an internal digital communication modem (LTE 4G) and GPS receiver, ensuring seamless connectivity and precise positioning. It can be powered by mains or solar energy, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, each unit comes equipped with a pre-installed global SIM card for immediate use. 

  • Wireless Operation: Perfect for high-frequency monitoring of structural modes, our wireless design ensures seamless operation without cumbersome cables or wiring. 
  • Ultra-Low Noise Integration: Featuring an integrated accelerometer, datalogger, and communications system, our accelerometer delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Continuous Monitoring and Real-Time Alerts: Stay informed with continuous monitoring and instant alerts pushed directly to your device in real-time, ensuring prompt action when needed. 
  • Easy Installation: Enjoy hassle-free installation in any orientation, thanks to our user-friendly design that accommodates various mounting options including pole, direct stick, and anchor installations. 
  • LTE 4G Communications: Each unit comes equipped with LTE 4G communications, guaranteeing robust connectivity across vast distances for seamless data transmission. 
  • Internal Temperature Sensor: Monitor ambient temperature effortlessly with the built-in sensor, providing valuable insights into environmental conditions. 
  • Internal GPS: Ensure precise positioning and accurate timing with the integrated GPS functionality, essential for location-based monitoring and synchronisation. With Procint’s Australia-wide support and service network, you can trust that our team is always available to assist you with installation, maintenance, and any other support needs, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind. 


Number of components  3 – Triaxial 
A/D  20 Bit 
Sampling Rate  31.25, 62.5, 125, 250, 500 S/S 
Sensitivity  256,000 LSB/g 
Scale Factor  3.9 ?g/LSB 
Tilt Tolerance  180° (Omnidirectional) 
Full Scale  ± 2.048 g 
Noise Density  25 ?g/?Hz (Max) 
Broadband Noise (RMS)  <70 ?g @ 31.25 S/S 
Dynamic Range  90 Db @ 31.25 S/S 
Dimensions  110mm x 150mm x 60mm (WxLxD) 
Weight  0.6kg 
Operating Temperature  -35 to +65°C 
Input Power  4 – 15 VDC 
Enclosure Features  ABS plastic, UV stabilised, IP67 
Antenna Options  Internal model available 
Power Consumption – No LTE  < 2 mW 
Power Consumption – Triggered Mode  < 6 mW 
Power Consumption – Continuous Mode  < 400 mW 

Technical Data Sheet – Viotel Wireless Accelerometer

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Wireless Accelerometer

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